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bold empaths curious

The beating corazón of your brand is the story it tells. We love ideating, creating and building those stories and every detail in between. 

Nicte Creative Design is a multi-cultural award-winning graphic design and branding firm for visionary companies. We invigorate brand awareness through our empathy-driven methodology, enhance community connections and amplify your unique brand position.

Ixchel Goddess of Love. Nicte Creative Design.

when the brand was born

During the conceptual phase of NCD (back in 2005), Nicte wanted to create a brand identity that represented her given names and defined her love for design.

Her given names are Mayan goddess names: Nicte (nik-teh), goddess of the flowers, and Ixchel (eex-chel), goddess of love and the moon. She was mesmerized by the symbol the Mayans created to depict the goddess Ixchel — the beautiful curves and shapes used inspired the birth of Nicte Creative Design’s brand identity. "Nicte" embodies blooming brands, and "Ixchel" nourishes the enduring love for design.

Our roots grew

We believe brands start with an idea seed. It sprouts into action and starts to build its roots. When it matures, its roots go deep into the ground to nurture the fruits it continually bears.

The inspiration:

Ixchel Goddess of Love. Nicte Creative Design.

The early stages:

The evolution:

We evolved and rebranded after 10+ years in business. We’re still rooted in our Mayan goddess, but our mark also embeds in the oceans, the energy from the moon, and honoring who you are. Above all, we’ve embraced our true bold cultural presence.

meet our team

Nicte Cuevas

Principal & Creative Cultivator

  fueled by cultura curiosity 

Nicte Cuevas is an award-winning Latina Brand Strategist, GraphicDesigner with over 18 years of experience. She connects color, cultura, and design into a purpose-driven brand strategy for visionary companies. Through empathy-driven methodology, Nicte evolves, invigorates, and amplifies businesses’ unique brand positions. Her roots from Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia deepen love and commitment to cultural diversity in her work. Nicte has taught thousands worldwide with courses on branding, color psychology, and design as a LinkedIn Learning instructor.

Bailey Brackin

Digital Marketing 

  fueled by systems 

Bailey is military spouse and a certified digital marketing specialist with a focus on social media and email marketing. Her incredible project management experience helps NCD develop and coordinate our digital marketing distribution from our social media, email marketing to blogs. 

meet our Brand Partner

We believe that impact and growth by the power of collaboration can help our clients achieve incredible results. Maya and Nicte have collaborated since 2008 on million-dollar campaigns for city-wide and national projects. We partner with FordMomentum! for our mass communication and community impact initiatives. 

Maya Ford

Executive Mass Communication & Cultural Inclusion

Principal at FordMomentum!

  fueled by S.T.O.L.O. 

Maya is a pioneering marketing and communications professional with over 20 years experience in almost every major industry. Her passion is to integrate diverse perspectives into viable solutions that businesses and communities can implement together. She's a global cosmopolitan, creative, innovative, a master communicator, a strong listener, and driven towards measurable success.

We Love Working With Visionary Companies That

> Value ethnic & cultural diversity
> Embody impact over greed
> Reject sameness
> Dare to have fun
> Embrace sustainability

 select clients 

Adobe Express
CreativePro Network
The Houston Zoo
Pets Best Insurance Services
Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland
Appleyard Agency
Ford Momentum!

Behance Live
SDLI | Davidson College
Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Inc.
Military Luggage Company
Dogs on Deployment & Purina
Red Door Group & AHRN.com
Dignity Memorial
Service Corporation International

Our Select Awards

2019 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award (x2)
2016 GDUSA American Packaging Design Award
2015 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award (x4)
2014 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award (x3)
2014 GDUSA American Package Design Award
2014 Communitas Award
2014 MARCOM Awards (Platinum + Gold)
2014 GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Award
2013 GDUSA Hispanic Graphic Design Awards (x2)