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How the brand was born

During the conceptual phase of NCD (back in 2005), Nicte wanted to create a brand identity that represented her given names, and also defined her love for design.

Both of her given names are Mayan goddess names: Nicte (nik-teh), Goddess of the Flowers, and Ixchel (eex-chel), Goddess of Love. She was mesmerized by the symbol the Mayans created to depict the goddess Ixchel — the beautiful curves and shapes used in the symbol inspired the birth of Nicte Creative Design’s brand identity. Design is more than just art — it can describe, inspire and create emotion. Nicte embodies the beauty found in my designs, and Ixchel nourishes her enduring love for design.



Nicte Cuevas in her office

Principal & Creative Cultivator


Nicte has 16 years of experience in developing successful design strategies for both small businesses and large corporations. Nicte currently works as the principal at Nicte Creative Design, an award-winning graphic design and branding firm. At her firm, Nicte works to empower her clients through strategic design and branding, fulfilling her own mission to use design as a catalyst for positive change. She has applied this when working with Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark, and Twitter Business; a Purina partnership (with Dogs on Deployment); Girl Scouts of the USA; and the Houston Zoo.

Being a military spouse only further supports her value system, which is to go about everything she does with the intention to be a catalyst for the positive and make the best of every moment.

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Rochelle Joseph
Marketing Consultant


As Marketing Consultant, Rochelle brings the element of written media to NCD’s branding process, creating the link between the design that connects emotionally with your clients and the message that embodies the intention. Her extensive background in entertainment and media, working with all the major television, cable and radio stations across the country for over 20 years, fuels her ability to craft messages that appeal to each unique market.




Chief Operations Manager


Attila is a 12-ish-year-old rescue. She spends most of her day dreaming of her next design job — hopefully one that includes healthy dog treats. During her time away from the office she enjoys practicing on her 20 tricks, going on long walks, and playing chase with her papa.


Select Accolades

2015 GDUSA People to Watch
2016 GDUSA American Packaging Design Award
2015 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award (x4)
2014 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award (x3)
2014 GDUSA American Package Design Award
2014 Communitas Award
2014 MARCOM Awards (Platinum + Gold)
2014 GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Award
2013 GDUSA Hispanic Graphic Design Awards (x2)

Select Clients

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Spark & Twitter Business

The Houston Zoo
Pets Best Insurance Services
Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland
Appleyard Agency
Dogs on Deployment & Purina
Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Inc.
Military Luggage Company

Run on a Mission
Bosquez Law
Red Door Group & AHRN.com
Dignity Memorial