I'm Nicte!

As the Principal and Creative Cultivator at Nicte Creative Design, I've got an unending passion for empowering businesses with strategic design and branding. 




With 16 years of experience in developing successful design strategies for both small businesses and large corporations, I continually find ways to inspire others.

At my firm, I'm constantly empowering my clients through strategic design and branding, fulfilling my mission to use design as a catalyst for positive change. I've applied this when working with Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark and Twitter Business, LinkedIn Learning, a Purina partnership (with Dogs on Deployment), Girl Scouts, and The Houston Zoo.

Fueled by boundless curiosity
My passion for my creative work is fueled by a boundless curiosity. I nurture the creative process by continually finding new and varied sources of inspiration and education — observing all around me, exposing myself to art, reading, being in nature, taking photos, even doodling in the sand. All inspire me to see, think, and design beyond what the common eye perceives. And because of a strong Latin heritage and being tri-lingual, I often incorporates elements of different cultures into my creations.

Being a military spouse and a momma to a miracle boy, only further supports my value system, which is to go about everything I do with the intention to be a catalyst for the positive and make the best of every moment.

That infuses my work, reflecting in the individual, personalized attention I give to each of my clients while delivering high-value results.

Prior to starting Nicte Creative Design in 2011, I gathered amazing experience as I worked for a newspaper, multiple design firms, and was an in-house designer for both small and larger companies, including The Houston Zoo.
I'm also a proud alumna of the University of Houston, where I got my B.F.A in Graphic Communications.