7 Tools Small Businesses Need  to Start the Year Off Right

7 Tools Small Businesses Need to Start the Year Off Right

Every busi­ness and brand needs tools to help them work smarter — not hard­er! Our list of tried and true...

How to Look Your Best on Zoom Meetings

How To Look Your Best on a Zoom Meeting

Now that Zoom meet­ings have become a pri­ma­ry way we do busi­ness, it’s impor­tant how we present our­selves —and our...


7 Tips to Create Powerful Keynote Slide Decks

Pow­er­ful Keynote slide decks that get your mes­sage across effec­tive­ly are more impor­tant than ever, with the rise of online...


How to Adapt Your Brand During COVID

Covid has made us all adapt overnight to the way we inter­act, work, raise our kids, shop, clean and eat,...

Pantone's-Classic-Blue-Can Comfort-Your-Brand-Audience

Pantone’s Classic Blue Can Comfort Your Audience

Pantone’s Clas­sic Blue for 2020 is an all-pur­pose hue that can com­fort your brand’s audi­ence in these tur­bu­lent times.  There is far...


How to Create Infographics with Adobe Spark

Info­graph­ics are a pow­er­ful visu­al ally. Learn­ing how to cre­ate info­graph­ics with Adobe Spark is a great invest­ment of your...


Define Your Ideal Client Using Empathy Mapping

Have you ever encoun­tered an adver­tise­ment that made you feel that they lit­er­al­ly read your mind? That they under­stood exact­ly...

How Culture Affects the Meaning of Color Title Graphic

How Culture Affects the Meaning of Color

The same col­ors can tele­graph dif­fer­ent mes­sages depend­ing on the back­ground or cul­ture of your viewer.  Aware­ness of how cul­ture affects...


How Color Evokes Emotion

Color psychology is a powerful tool. Used knowledgeably, color can cause us to act, shift our mood and even create measurable effects in our brain and nervous system!


Color Psychology 101

Maximizing color psychology - the underlying meaning of color - will benefit you in all the ways you use it, from branding, where color choice is critical, to ads and graphics to industry uses such as art, decor and fashion.

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