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Brand and Identity Design

Today, the role of a brand has become a strategic role to an organization’s core performance. It plays a conceptual role in the purpose, methods and its values. A strong brand is critical to building operational capacity, maintaining focus on the mission and exhilarating support. It incorporates a strategy to the use of graphic design elements, photography, typography and messaging.

Who you are, what you do and WHY you do it, are the driving force to a memorable brand. The task in design strategy, is to synthesize and navigate through key information in order to create a harmonious connection to the brand. That is why we develop a fascination with the way people create meaningful lives. Then, we design.

Some of our Branding work

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Bosquez Law Firm

Branding development included:
brandmark, brand identity (business card, letterhead, envelope, note cards) website design and comprehensive brand guidelines. 

Run on a Mission, virtual run, running logo, athletic branding, fitness logo, fitness branding, fitness apparel

Run on a Mission

Branding development included:
brandmark, business card, flyer, signage and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Dogs on Deployment, Dog logos, Pet branding, Pet logos, animal logos, service dog logo, dog trainer logo, dog illustration

Dogs on Deployment

Branding development included:
complete brand redesign (except main logo). Marketing collateral designs, signage, iconography, sub-brandmarks, ads, extensive brand guidelines and more.

real estate agent branding, real estate branding, real estate logo, realtor logo, realtor design, realtor branding

Amanda Cruser Branding

Branding development included:
brandmark, business card, flyer, advertisement and comprehensive brand guidelines.


Brandmark Design

Brandmark (logo) design overview:

  • We start with a brand insight document to understand your core brand values and needs. If you are rebranding we take a look at your current brand assets and develop an implementation strategy in phases.
  • We kick-off with a strategy session
  • Conceptual phase: market research, familiarization with industry visual strategies, color studies & color palettes development for each concept, typeface combination development, sketches and refinement.
  • Typeface selection: we make thorough research on a typeface that would compliment your brand values. And ensure that there are no limitations to where it can be used. 
  • Color harmony studies: We carefully study what colors would enhance the appeal to your target audience. And we provide the significance to each of these color values and how it can be applied to your brand.
  • Brand guidelines document: a cohesive document that will empower you to take control of your brand moving forward. In this document we include best practices for using your logo, minimum logo size, typography combination, visual elements* that support your brand, color values (from PMS to web) & its significance, and file formats guide, and much more. These typically are 20 pages+.

** Visual elements like fonts/photography would need to be purchased by the client. We can’t legally transfer the rights to those. NCD has a large selection of typefaces, but we can only provide the outlined version of the text for the final formats. However, we will do the research and tell you where you can purchase these.**


Branding/Identity Design

Brandmark design components PLUS either of these components or all:

  • Identity design (business card, letterhead, notecards, etc.)
  • Iconography system
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social media templates
  • Keynote presentation
  • E-book design
  • Signage
  • Infographic design


Contact Us



Our Process:

  • CONTRACT & PAYMENT: We believe in working with integrity and clear expectations between us as service providers and our clients. Once you are ready to get started, Nicte Creative Design will send your invoice that outlines the project scope, along with a contract. Upon receiving payment and signed contract, Nicte Creative Design will reserve dedicated time for your project.
  • BRAND INFORMATION FORM: Once payment has been made and contract is signed, we will send you an editable PDF document (Creative Brief) that will contain some questions about your brand mission and vision. The goal is to make sure we strategically align your brand essence.
  • REVISIONS: NCD will present your designs on Dropbox Paper, along with the concept explanation behind each design. You will be able to make comments on each highlight design and select the specific area where you would need the change, instead of having to explain it over a long email. This is part of our strategic approval process, and our clients have LOVED it.
  • DELIVERY: Once you have approved the final designs and final payment has been made, NCD will provide all the files you may need for your brandmark. These include color and black and white versions in the following formats: FOR WEB .png (with transparency), and .jpeg. FOR PRINT: .eps, .wmf.


We highly value your time and mine. I serve other clients at any given time, as well as balance being a mother to an active miracle boy. I have a set schedule that has been planned weeks out and there will be times where I can’t fit a client call last minute, unless it's an urgent matter**. I have developed a strategic process that will allow us to maintain clear communication throughout. This helps ensure we deliver on a timely manner and don’t miss any important content that can be missed over a phone call.
** This pertains to scheduling calls AFTER our initial strategy session. For large scale projects like a rebrand, or branding with several components, we will schedule additional call time to discuss important details beyond our initial call. These will need to be done with at least a week notice. 

You will love this if:

You need a design that is a reflection of your brand and not a trend.

You want a concept that is strategic and not "because it looks pretty".

You value clear communication and deadlines.


This won't work for you if:

You want your project to be done yesterday.

You have a hard time understanding the professional design work.

You struggle providing content within the deadlines.

You don't have time to fill out a creative brief.

You think it can all be done in Photoshop.

You love when a service provider works 24/7.

**While we reserve dedicated time to your project, we may be working with another client and may not be available ASAP.