You started a new business and now you need branding? 

But you're not ready to hire a designer...

You know you the value behind good design, but you are needing to DIY your small business branding since you are just starting. But now, you are feeling the overwhelm of designing your own brand. What if we can change that?

Studies show that most small businesses can expect to invest $90k – $180k for a rebrand.

I don't know about you, but having that amount of capital handy to rebrand a business isn't something every small business can access — especially minority-owned companies. However, your brand will evolve in the first three years of business. And when you are building, selling, planning and designing your brand, there is so much at stake. 

But what if you could…

Gain a deeper understanding of how you can create a brand that understands your audience AND doesn't require using those popular templates everyone already has

Generate sales with designs that are clear, effective, and you don't spend hours creating

Gain more time to focus on what you do best, instead of complicating your DIY design process

Build a brand mindset that will prepare you for the road ahead

Save money by not working with inexperienced brand designs that don't know how to set your brand up for long-term success

Then it’s time to build your brand
right from the start!

You don't have to go through this brand building journey alone! If you wanted an expert to guide you through the process of designing your own brand for your business, this workbook is your new design coach.

Ready to build your own brand? 

Get instant access to 35 pages of step-by-step guidance!

What if you could build a brand today that provided flexibility for your brand growth?


Build your branding mindset

You'll start by building your brand mindst muscles to get you ready for the challenges ahead. We'll help you identify and document steps to prepare you for the road ahead. VERY few businesses implement this process and it can be detrimental. After getting your branding muscles ready, you'll move deeper into understanding how to address audience needs. And you'll learn how to use that to differentiate your brand communication from your competitors.


the diy journey

This workbook walks you through what steps you need to help you simplify your brand-building overwhelm. You'll learn what to do when you can't design a logo from scratch and how to avoid potential legal hardships. Then, we'll dig deeper and show you how to leverage color, enhance your typography, and structure your content with the hierarchy to help you generate those sales.


2 bonus ebooks 

Feeling overwhelmed by content creation?

Your first bonus ebook, How to Avoid Content Creation Overwhelm, will help you get intentional about how you invest your time for your branding efforts, and how you can get strategic to avoid content creation overwhelm.

Tired of turning to stock images?
Maybe you're thinking about getting a branded photoshoot done, maybe you've already done one. Or maybe it's time for an updated re-shoot! With branded photos, you don’t have to worry about rights limitations — like when you purchase stock images. And you never have to worry about being off-brand when using images from that shoot!

Your second bonus ebook, What You Need to Know Before You Pay For Your Photoshoot, offers important considerations before you invest, whether you have or haven't yet worked it for the camera, darling.


Nicte Cuevas strategizing for her online course with LinkedIn Learning

We’ll follow-up via email with some extra tips and resources that tie into implementing what you’ve learned in the workbook. Plus, as an NCD insider, you can reach out to us directly with your thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns you may have along the way, and we’ll be there to support your best possible learning and implementation outcome!

The Building a Standout Brand Right From the Start Workbook is like having your own brand design coach with an easy-to-follow interactive guide. We won't confuse you with jargon, instead, we'll set you up for brand success right from the start. 

  • 35 pages in 1 easy download
  • 6 editable worksheets 
  • 2 bonus ebooks 
  • Visual examples and guidance on how to design your brand — even if you're not a designer
  • An exclusive Trello board with a workflow for your brand assets to keep things organized and accessible. Plus 35 branding and marketing resources perfect for small businesses
  • An exclusive video to help you build a captivating brand
  • Guidance from a professional that has helped million dollar businesses

Yours for $25

Instant download

About Nicte Cuevas

Nicte Cuevas (Principal, Nicte Creative Design) is an award-winning brand strategist and graphic designer who uses empathy-driven tactics to help evolve, invigorate, and amplify businesses’ unique brand positions. Nicte translates the complexities of color into nuanced, purpose-driven stories using color psychology and intentional messaging tools, ultimately facilitating positive and profitable outcomes. Her work has earned her features in Graphic Design USA People to Watch in both 2015 and 2020. Nicte graduated from the University of Houston with a B.F.A. in Graphic Communications.

Nicte Cuevas in her office

Here’s what people are saying about the instructor

Monica Malave Ceo of Elevate it Now

Mónica Malavé

CEO at Elevate It Now

She's fantastic to work with and I would hire her in a minute to produce all the branding and design work...

Nicte is one of the most amazing designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge along with her passion for design makes it for a working relationship second to none. She is fantastic to work with and I would hire her in a minute to produce all the branding and design work for Elevate It Now. A true professional to the end. She was able to translate the vision that I had for our re-branding last spring and I am in love with her and her work!

Ileana Vilchis

Ileana VIlchis

Co-Founder at Tu Eco 

We obtained clarity for our brand...

Nicte helped us focus in understanding who our client was and how to reach them. We obtained clarity for our brand, how to communicate our mission to the clients or followers and how it important it is to have roles within our company. We fell in love with the colors and the design she came up with for Tu Eco, LLC, we also loved that she was as excited as we were, and it felt like she was part of the team and the dream. By working with Nicte we were able to identify possible confusion with our audience, she guided us to our target client.

Maya Ford

Principal at Ford Momentum!

Her integrity, expertise, and faith in the creative process make her a formidable member of any team...

There are designers, and there’s Nicte Cuevas. Everything Nicte touches breathes authenticity, originality, and inspiration. Her cultural diversity brings a vision that represents a current view of our nation’s ethnic populous. Her integrity, expertise, and faith in the creative process make her a formidable member of any team that needs to win. She quickly earned my trust and loyalty, and is still my favorite go-to brand strategist and designer to date.

Your brand deserves the best
no matter where you start

If you're business is new or less than a couple of years old and you're an entrepreneur willing to put time and effort into building your brand foundation, then this workbook is for you. If you want a brand that is more than some pretty label, if you want to change lives with your product/service, if you want a brand that is recognizable and not built on a template thousands may have — this workbook is for you.

why I created this workbook 

As a minority, a mother, a wife, and a small business owner, I'm rooted in helping others like me rise and amplify their brand.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. I know we juggle a lot. And sometimes, we meet amazing people along the way who elevate us. We also encounter those who take advantage of our situations.

I've had too many clients come to me for a rebrand after wasting money on designers that took advantage of them. They often ended up with stock images that were sold as 'custom designs.' The worst part was that they didn't take the time to get to know their brand's core values to align THAT with their visual communication.

Honestly, this infuriates me. I take great pride in the work we do as an industry, but I also know everyone has different skill sets. However, I couldn't let more businesses get pressured into spending for 'pretty designs' that wouldn't support their brand growth. This is why I created this ebook — to give you the tools you need and confidence to build your brand because I know what it's like to start from scratch and get the wrong type of guidance. That changes for you today! And I can't wait to hear the impact it has on you and your brand!

To your brand success,