Pantone's-Classic-Blue-Can Comfort-Your-Brand-Audience

Pantone’s Classic Blue Can Comfort Your Audience

Pantone’s Clas­sic Blue for 2020 is an all-pur­pose hue that can com­fort your brand’s audi­ence in these tur­bu­lent times.  There is far...

Guide Your Brand with Color Trends in 2020

Guide Your Brand with Color Trends in 2020

Under­stand­ing and prop­er­ly using col­or trends is a pow­er­ful tool to max­i­mize your busi­ness poten­tial in 2020.  As more design­ers and...

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Brand guidelines & why you NEED them

Brand guide­lines serve as a pow­er­ful tool for your busi­ness to help you estab­lish brand con­ti­nu­ity. They help you estab­lish...

The New Look for Instagram

If you haven’t seen it yet, Insta­gram intro­duced their new look. And the com­mu­ni­ty is already shar­ing their opin­ions about...

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The secrets behind famous logos

Have you ever won­dered why logos have a par­tic­u­lar design ele­ment, col­or or type style? Pho­tog­ra­phy source for pho­to above: