Pantone's-Classic-Blue-Can Comfort-Your-Brand-Audience

Pantone’s Classic Blue Can Comfort Your Audience

Pantone’s Clas­sic Blue for 2020 is an all-pur­pose hue that can com­fort your brand’s audi­ence in these tur­bu­lent times.  There is far...


How to Create Infographics with Adobe Spark

Info­graph­ics are a pow­er­ful visu­al ally. Learn­ing how to cre­ate info­graph­ics with Adobe Spark is a great invest­ment of your...


Define Your Ideal Client Using Empathy Mapping

Have you ever encoun­tered an adver­tise­ment that made you feel that they lit­er­al­ly read your mind? That they under­stood exact­ly...

How Culture Affects the Meaning of Color Title Graphic

How Culture Affects the Meaning of Color

The same col­ors can tele­graph dif­fer­ent mes­sages depend­ing on the back­ground or cul­ture of your viewer.  Aware­ness of how cul­ture affects...


How Color Evokes Emotion

Color psychology is a powerful tool. Used knowledgeably, color can cause us to act, shift our mood and even create measurable effects in our brain and nervous system!


Color Psychology 101

Maximizing color psychology - the underlying meaning of color - will benefit you in all the ways you use it, from branding, where color choice is critical, to ads and graphics to industry uses such as art, decor and fashion.

Achieve Brand Continuity in 2020

Achieve Brand Continuity in 2020

Are you strug­gling with brand con­ti­nu­ity? Get ready for 2020!  To achieve Brand Con­ti­nu­ity in 2020, it will take inten­tion and time....

Liven Up Fall Graphics with Pantone's Living Coral

Liven Up Fall Graphics with Pantone’s Living Coral

Catch your customers eye as this season’s ads, posts and mailers ramp up -- and have them respond to YOURS! Pantone's Living Coral is a hue that pops, yet works well with autumn colors to really enliven your Fall graphics. 

How to promote your work with confidence

How to Promote Your Work with Confidence

Is it hard to mar­ket your­self and get results? Do you strug­gle to com­mu­ni­cate your val­ue to a client? Can...

How to create an online course

How To Create an Online Course

Considering creating an online course? I can show you how. Many want to share their expertise and ideas with others, and creating online courses has been growing in popularity in the last few years. Here are 5 steps to get to get you started.

Create an Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

Create an Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

See­ing an increase in the need for cause mar­ket­ing? This is all you need to know how to. We’re expe­ri­enc­ing...

Engaging your audience on social media

Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

Engag­ing your audi­ence is as as much a pro­fes­sion­al skill as the work you do. That means not just get­ting...