Define Your Ideal Client Using Empathy Mapping

If we sell to the world, we sell to no one. Are you ready to get better clarity than ever about your ideal brand audience — and make them feel like you truly understand their needs and frustrations?

Have you ever encountered an advertisement that made you feel like they had literally read your mind (or maybe even your internet browser history)? 

You can create that level of connected experience for your brand audience, and you don’t need to data mine, hire a psychic, or stalk your ideal clients online. You just need to set empathy in action.

If you want…

Gain a deeper understanding of the behaviors, outlooks, pains, and gains of clients you want to attract

Authentically connect with people in ways that compel them to engage with your brand on social media, elsewhere online, or in-person

Convert more customers who are likely to repeat business and/or refer your brand to others

Nuture a brand community of mutual respect, admiration, trust, and compassion

Then it’s time to dig in and 
really get to know ‘your people’.

Outlining your ideal client in detail can feel like an odd and winding process, but you’ve just got to push through that wild path of discovery to reach better business outcomes! Not only will this deep foundational work save you a ton of time and potential errors in the future, it will also allow you to gain a clearer understanding of your ideal client's needs and desires at varying stages of their journey. That level of empathy and insight is crucial for strategically evolving your services, products, and brand communications across all channels. And we're talking about real people here! Not made up imaginary unicorn-avatars posing as humans. Real people. Real outcomes. 

Learn how to speak more effectively to your ideal audience with the help of Empathy Mapping.

Who doesn’t love feeling like someone really gets it — gets you? Everyone wants to feel seen, heard, and understood. We’ve all been somebody’s ideal client. Whether it’s a bank, a cell service provider, a grocery store, or clothing brand, the ones who get it right make their products and services feel like a fit just for you. So much so, it doesn’t feel like marketing. It just speaks to you!

Ready to connect through empathy? 

Get instant access to 30 pages of step-by-step guidance!

The more meaningful your message is to your ideal client, the more meaningful your marketing outcomes will be.

The more you invest in defining your ideal client — getting to know who you love serving — the easier it becomes to market to them in ways that make them want to reach back to you. Much like you do with any important relationship in your life, you’ll come to closely know those people’s traits and preferences: their digital habits, their favorite music and books, their less desirable qualities and quirks, what makes them happy or sad, driven or disappointed, and more.

In this workbook, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of empathetic examination to reveal these sorts of details — all based on a REAL HUMAN being. 


Dig deep into empathy

You'll start by identifying and documenting the general information about your client – who they are, what they do. Then, you'll move deeper into their communication behaviors and develop an understanding of why they communicate a certain way. The real gold is in aligning that information with the unique ways you can solve their problem and deliver what they’re seeking (which you’ll learn how to do!). And if you get stuck there, you'll have tips and tricks to jumpstart your brainpower and help you work through it.


Define your red flag customer

Many popular empathy mapping templates, workbooks, courses, and workshops all cover how to define your ideal audience, but none ever seem to define how (and why) to define your red flag clients. This workbook walks you through identifying those red flags and explains how it will save you money and headaches. 


Nicte Cuevas strategizing for her online course with LinkedIn Learning

We’ll follow-up via email with some extra tips and resources that tie into implementing what you’ve learned in the workbook. Plus, as an NCD insider, you can reach out to us directly with your thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns you may have along the way, and we’ll be there to support your best possible learning and implementation outcome!

The Empathy Mapping Workbook is an easy-to-follow guide that helps you meaningfully engage with your ideal audience and define who you don't want to work with, so you can communicate more effectively with the right people and build a loyal brand community based on honest connection. 

  • 30 pages in 1 easy download
  • 5 customizable empathy mapping worksheets and video instructions
  • Visual examples of real, successful brands implementing empathy-driven brand strategy
  • Bonus videos and additional e-books inside


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Here’s what people are saying about the workbook

Although I thought I knew who my ideal client was, I felt something was missing. Thanks to The Empathy Mapping Workbook, I realized I need to be more specific and to really know my client on a personal level so my message could get through to them! I loved creating a non-ideal client, too. I had never thought of this. It has helped my business by getting my message across to the right people. Nicte is amazing at what she does!

Hear how Tiffany used it with her team

Hear all about Paty's Realization

Paty Duet
Branding Photographer

Selene Aguilar brand photographer

Before downloading the workbook, I thought I had a general idea of who my audience was but felt that there was definitely room for improvement and a need to review. After going through the Empathy Mapping Workbook, I realized there was definitely a lot more that I could do to properly identify who my audience is, their pain points, and how I can help them meet their needs. The worksheets and video clips were so helpful and so appreciated and needed in order to really identify who my ideal client is. I realized I had never given it so much thought and put in the work in answering all the questions on the worksheets. I had also never identified the type of client who is not my ideal client and, having done this in the workbook, it’s helped me so much. I feel I have a clearer vision now, and this will help me tremendously in meeting my goals. So thankful for the Empathy Mapping Workbook!

Selene A.
Owner & Photographer

Brianna Hodges Instructional coach

I knew my audience pretty well, but honestly, I was too specific; rather than looking at broader categories, I would look at each separate scenario and person. I often struggled to create systematically because I was too tunneled in my focus on specific situations. Breaking down my red-flag helped me see where I needed to focus my attention for growth rather than focus my time on elements that were off-target for me. Nicte's empathy mapping process helped restore focus to my business. I've recouped so much time. I used to get swept away by side distractions and red-flag requests. Now I can clearly see where to invest time and money to achieve and provide the best services for my clientele.

Brianna Hodges
Strategic Storyteller, Education Strategist, Leadership Coach

About Nicte Cuevas

Nicte Cuevas (Principal, Nicte Creative Design) is an award-winning brand strategist and graphic designer who uses empathy-driven tactics to help evolve, invigorate, and amplify businesses’ unique brand positions. Nicte translates the complexities of color into nuanced, purpose-driven stories using color psychology and intentional messaging tools, ultimately facilitating positive and profitable outcomes. Her work has earned her features in Graphic Design USA People to Watch in both 2015 and 2020. Nicte graduated from the University of Houston with a B.F.A. in Graphic Communications.

Nicte Cuevas in her office

Here’s what people are saying about the instructor

Monica Malave Ceo of Elevate it Now

Mónica Malavé

CEO at Elevate It Now

She's fantastic to work with and I would hire her in a minute to produce all the branding and design work...

Nicte is one of the most amazing designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge along with her passion for design makes it for a working relationship second to none. She is fantastic to work with and I would hire her in a minute to produce all the branding and design work for Elevate It Now. A true professional to the end. She was able to translate the vision that I had for our re-branding last spring and I am in love with her and her work!

Ileana Vilchis

Ileana VIlchis

Co-Founder at Tu Eco 

We obtained clarity for our brand...

Nicte helped us focus in understanding who our client was and how to reach them. We obtained clarity for our brand, how to communicate our mission to the clients or followers and how it important it is to have roles within our company. We fell in love with the colors and the design she came up with for Tu Eco, LLC, we also loved that she was as excited as we were, and it felt like she was part of the team and the dream. By working with Nicte we were able to identify possible confusion with our audience, she guided us to our target client.

Maya Ford

Principal at Ford Momentum!

Her integrity, expertise, and faith in the creative process make her a formidable member of any team...

There are designers, and there’s Nicte Cuevas. Everything Nicte touches breathes authenticity, originality, and inspiration. Her cultural diversity brings a vision that represents a current view of our nation’s ethnic populous. Her integrity, expertise, and faith in the creative process make her a formidable member of any team that needs to win. She quickly earned my trust and loyalty, and is still my favorite go-to brand strategist and designer to date.

Your Output will Match Your Outcome 

If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur who’s willing to put time and effort into building a strong brand  foundation, then this workbook is for you. If you’re a brand that does more than just sell, if you believe in serving real people through carefully developed solutions tailored to their evolving needs, if you want to foster a respected brand culture with loyal followers — this workbook is for you.

Market with Empathy 

A few decades ago, I was in design school working on a product design project with Industrial Designers. In our initial process, the industrial designers created an ideal persona for the product. To be honest, many of us thought it was silly to come up with an ideal persona — why define what they like, think about, listen to? Why would that be helpful? We were so wrong.

This all changed when I saw the power of consumer research in action. After that, I had to learn everything I could about marketing strategy. After all, most of my corporate job opportunities were within the marketing department. In all the years I spent diving into the oceans of marketing and branding, I saw one crucial element missing to the consumer research approach: empathy. It was all about pushing hard sales for a particular product or sale, then running along to the next promotion. I hated it. But when I encountered those brands that continually made me feel understood — oh, I became a loyal fan, advocate, magic-sprinkling sharing fairy! All because I felt they fit a need and communicated it so well in a consistent, creative way. 

Honestly, all industries everywhere could use a lesson in empathy marketing. 

I take deep pride in the fact that my team and I insert  empathy into every part of our internal and external processes. This is why I have such confidence in this workbook, because everything you’ll learn within it has been instrumental in making profound, measurable impacts on our clients and their work. Now, I can't wait to hear the impact it has for you!

To your brand success,