How to Create Eye-catching Graphics on Adobe Spark Post

Learn How to Create Eye-catching Graphics on Adobe Spark Post

The chal­lenge to stand out in mar­ket­ing is grow­ing every day, whether you’re uti­liz­ing ever-chang­ing social media options like Sto­ries and IGTV or cre­at­ing col­lat­er­al designs to gen­er­ate aware­ness of your brand, prod­uct or service. 

Get­ting your visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion right is the best invest­ment of your mar­ket­ing time. 

It’s absolute­ly crit­i­cal to cap­ture your customer’s atten­tion so they read your posts, click through your newslet­ter, linger on your web­site, or absorb your brand mes­sage. But hiring a design­er to cre­ate every­thing you need, when you need it can turn into a large invest­ment. What is the solution? 

I’ve cre­at­ed two ways to teach YOU how to make your own eye-catch­ing graph­ics! Choose one — or both! 

    1. For quick info and ideas, there’s my week­ly IGTV tuto­ri­als using the free Adobe Spark Post app.
    2. For a deep­er dive, check out my excit­ing new LinkedIn Learn­ing / video course, Learn­ing Adobe Spark Post.

Before you begin, I have some tips to make it even easier. 


Before you start, make a list of what you want to accom­plish. Do you want to capture leads? Gen­er­ate sales? Intro­duce a new prod­uct or ser­vice? Or do you want to engage your cur­rent audi­ence to inter­act more, or raise aware­ness for a cause, or edu­cate your community?

Now choose visu­als that will serve your goals. For exam­ple, to cre­ate cause aware­ness, the secret is using com­pelling pho­tog­ra­phy. To edu­cate or empow­er your com­mu­ni­ty, gath­er strong quotes or visu­als to relay that message.


Cre­ate a ver­sion that works for the para­me­ters of each for­mat you’ll use. IE: a lot of type in a tiny square can real­ly lose your audi­ence. Instead use a short sen­tence or key words to grab atten­tion. Don’t wor­ry, I’ll show you how in my tutorials.


Be sure to use the same fonts, col­ors and pho­to style across the board so you can start to build or main­tain that peo­ple know who/what you are by visu­als alone.


Define the your mes­sage in stages, think­ing of it as a high rise. Your most impor­tant copy becomes your headline(s), while the mid-lev­el info become your sub­head­ings, fol­lowed by any foun­da­tion­al copy to sup­port them.

Be delib­er­ate! Design with inten­tion!

My info­graph­ic below is an easy ref­er­ence to all this infor­ma­tion. Make sure to PIN or down­load it so  it’s always there to aid you as you cre­ate, now and in the future.

There’s a BIG BONUS to becom­ing empow­ered to cre­ate your own graph­ics. When you do come to a place or project where you need to hire a pro­fes­sion­al design­er, you will have the tools you need to both bet­ter com­mu­ni­cate with them and assess what they deliv­er! Win/Win!


You’re all set to get start­ed with me using the free Adobe Spark Post app: my week­ly IGTV Tuto­ri­als and my Learn­ing Adobe Spark Post  video course on LinkedIn Learning/ where you can even sam­ple three seg­ments for free to see how easy it is.

I hope this has inspired you to cre­ate an authen­tic and amaz­ing brand this new year ahead and in  the years to come!

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Nicte Cuevas, Principal of Nicte Creative Design, empowers mission-driven businesses through strategic design & branding. Nicte has applied this when working with Adobe Spark and Twitter Business, LinkedIn Learning, Dogs on Deployment and Purina, Girl Scouts, The Houston Zoo and The Contemporary Arts Museum. Her excellence in communication design & marketing has been recognized by multiple national / international awards, including a coveted feature in Graphic Design USA's People to Watch.

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