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The beating corazón of your brand is the story it tells. But does it feel harmonious throughout?

In a world where branding is more than just aesthetics and more about the feelings and emotions it creates, we must reshape our brand interactions. People often overlook a crucial aspect of branding: the symbiotic relationship between visual and verbal communication to create a compelling and consistent brand narrative.

The relentless pursuit of content publication in the capitalist race has led to the oversight of the subtle nuances embedded within our visuals, which can inadvertently contradict our intended written message. This confusion among the audience dilutes the brand's impact and undermines its power.

It is time to realign our strategies, harmonize visual and verbal cues, and reclaim the true essence of our brand narrative. 

Nicte Cuevas

 Bilingual Brand strategist •  Designer •  LinkedIn Learning Instructor 

Nicte's unique approach to speaking events is grounded in her empathetic methodology. She emphasizes that effective branding establishes authentic emotional connections beyond flashy logos and catchy taglines.

Through her empathy-driven methodology, Nicte revitalizes brand awareness and fosters community bonds. Her work is fueled by a profound appreciation for cultural diversity, stemming from her Venezuelan, Mexican, and Colombian heritage.

As an engaging and thought-provoking speaker, she harnesses the power of empathy, cultural inclusivity, and design to create brands that resonate deeply with audiences. When you hire Nicte to speak, you'll gain insights into how to make your brand not just seen but truly felt.

Along with speaking nationwide, as a LinkedIn Learning instructor, Nicte has taught over 122,000 worldwide with courses on branding, color psychology, and design. She is a certified brand strategist and specialist, a 2x People to Watch from Graphic Design USA, and a Top LinkedIn Voice in Design. And holds a BFA in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston.



It's not just about learning techniques—it's about <shifting perspectives>.

Past speaking topics

Keynote: Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity in Design (delivered at CreativePro Week 2023)

Taming Your Creative Monster (delivered at the Adobe Express Ambassadors Summit)

Unlock The Power of Color and Boost Your Brand Recognition (delivered for Creative Mornings)

Color, Culture, and Branding (delivered for CreativePro 2022 Design & Marketing Summit)

Unlock the Power of Brand Diversity: How to Develop a Captivating Brand Strategy (masterclass delivered for The Professional Association of Military Spouses, AMSE)

How Creators Can Thrive (delivered at Adobe MAX)

Effective Design Made Easy with Adobe Express (delivered for Creative Mornings)

Create Effective Promotional Content for Your Class (delivered for Adobe & Skillshare)

AIGA San Antonio LinkedIn for Creatives

AIGA Midwest Design Week Panelist

AIGA San Antonio Contrastes Relevantes

San Antonio Startup Week


Hosted by Adobe Live

Managing Your Brand Using Illustrator and Adobe Express

Hosted by Adobe Max

Leveraging Adobe Apps to Create Brand Marketing Content

Image of a speaking session that Nicte did for Adobe MAX
Image of Nicte Cuevas at the LinkedIn Learning offices after recording a course

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Client Praise & Success Stories

The session was interactive, engaging, thoughtful and conversation-provoking...

I've had the privilege of collaborating with Nicte for over three years now in her role as a brand ambassador and creative contributor with Adobe Express. Nicte recently joined us at Adobe MAX at a product summit held for the Adobe Express ambassador community, leading our participants in a workshop about breaking away from their creative "monsters" and finding your power. The session was interactive, engaging, thoughtful, and conversation-provoking, and Nicte led the session with empathy and heart. Nicte has a unique talent of infusing her work with meaningful topics, including color theory and D&I in creativity, which add much value and importance to her talks. I can't recommend partnering with Nicte enough; she is not only an incredible speaker and brand collaborator, but her gifts of inspiring and making her audiences feel seen and heard are exceptional.

Emily Corbin,
Community Manager | Adobe Express

Nicte hosted a handful of virtual Adobe Express workshops for our global CreativeMornings community. Nicte is a true professional who handles herself with so much grace. Her presentation skills are fabulous - she is creates a powerful event experience that is inspiring, organized, engaging, and joyful. Nicte brought a ton of value to our community and we would love to work with her again and again!

Krista MacDonald
Partnerships Manager | Creative Mornings

Nicte always provides such a great forum for conversation when it comes to inclusive design. Her ideas make her audience feel empowered to be able to make smart choices. Not only is she a top player in the design industry, but her speaking skills are excellent. She kept everyone engaged and interested.n We'd have her back to speak anytime!

Anna Larson
AMSE Event Host

As a Hawaiian, I was deeply moved by Nicte Cuevas's presentation, particularly by her profound connection to her own culture. This aspect resonated with me strongly, inspiring me to continue this similar energy into my business. Nicte's entire presentation was remarkable, but the way she integrates her cultural identity into personal branding was especially impactful. It's interesting to note the diverse takeaways from a workshop, and for me, this was precisely what I needed. Additionally, learning about branding strategies and the thought process behind them served as a valuable reminder to prioritize Nicte's insightful recommendations. Nicte is an exceptional educator in her field.

Selena Conmackie

Hauoli-Socially Inspired

from attendees...

I think we all, as designers, need to learn more about body language, and how color influences different cultures. Really opened my eyes to things I had never thought about before. Thank you for this session!

— Attendee at CreativePro

My biggest takeaway was the emphasis that Nicte made on the importance of colour not only in aesthetics, but also in the role it plays at supporting one’s message.

— Eliana Reyes

Nicte is an incredibly engaging speaker who presented important concepts with warmth and empathy. I learned a lot and loved her presentation style.

— Attendee at CreativePro

Seeing the power of Adobe Illustrator used in a simplified workflow was inspiring. I usually open up the hero apps to finish certain deliverables, but seeing the feature of saving entire color palettes be saved for reuses is a game changer. Thank you for sharing with such clarity and efficiency.

— Elijah Bean

Excellent presentation! I especially liked her examples of stock photography that don't properly represent diversity scenarios. I also liked her Best Practices tips for being more inclusive and culturally sensitive.

— Attendee at CreativePro

I'm starting to think differently about using colours in branding - thinking about various aspects, including cultural heritage. And how to separate my personal preferences from what will actually work business-wise. Thank you!

— Maria Romaszkan

A really thoughtful and insightful look into making sure everyone is included. I appreciate Nicte sharing her own stories. It's really apparent that this is something she's passionate about and she skillfully and successfully showed how it correlates to being intentional with color and design.

— Attendee at CreativePro

I love to play with colors since I was a kid, but I have never thought about the nostalgia of the color. Thanks to you, today I learned about it. Thank you

— Vy Nguyen-Thai

I think about color every day. I'm usually not afraid to use it in my clothes. However, this class really inspired me to use it more boldly in my designs. Gracias!

— Beatriz Romero

I'm inspired to think more about how color drives thinking and action. I'm looking forward to being a lot more intentional with color choices!

— Nickie Kluge

I really appreciated this session with Nicte. As a mixed race Latino, I always see issues with Latino culture, color, etc., being misrepresented, and it is awesome to have people like Nicte out there pushing for these issues to be addressed in our field.

— Attendee at CreativePro

Learning about using color in a personal brand vs a company brand was very interesting. It gave me a new way to think about choosing colors for my branding.

— Kristi Kennell

Nicte Cuevas delivered an excellent presentation on embracing diversity and inclusivity indesign. I appreciated her breakdown on what this topic means, examples, stories, andrecommendations. Thank you for including her and the topic of diversity in the conference.

— Attendee at CreativePro

Engaging, inspiring, educational, provoking, thoughtful, emotional...absolutely loved this session!!!

— Attendee at CreativePro

Thank you for showing us the basics of Adobe Express! It was a huge help to see how to change font, colors, etc.

— Anna Knutson


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