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Color Psychology and Culture

Color and Cultural Connections

In this course, you will gain a powerful perspective on the relationship between color and cultural heritage, you’ll build a connection with communities that thrive on cultural diversity, and you’ll leave inspired to create conscious inclusion within your company culture and brand.

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The more clarity you develop towards your brand, the less complicated it becomes to manage it. This workbook also implements strategies I use to develop authentic brands for my clients. These have supported them in building a brand presence that has resulted in powerful partnerships and thousands of dollars in sales.

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About Nicte Cuevas

Nicte Cuevas is an award-winning bilingual Brand Strategist and Designer, and owner of Nicte Creative Design. She connects color, cultura, and design into a purpose-driven brand strategy for visionary companies. Through empathy-driven methodology, Nicte evolves, invigorates, and amplifies businesses’ unique brand positions. Her roots from Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia deepen love and commitment to cultural diversity in her work. Nicte has taught over 70,000 worldwide with courses on branding, color psychology, and design as a LinkedIn Learning instructor.

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