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We Believe in
Listening First

Many companies are eager to share all about what they do right from the bat. At NCD, we believe that knowledge comes from listening first, in order to truly getting to know our clients. Our process starts with a brand insight document that has a series of specific questions that help us gain a deeper understanding of your company — prior to setting up our call/meeting. This allows us to clearly identify your brand's needs and ask more strategic questions during our consultation call.




We Create a Partnership

We see our work together as a partnership where we dedicate the time and attention you deserve as a client. This is why we focus making sure we are a right fit for each other from the very beginning.

Once we have the project specifics down, we present a proposal for the services needed. We discuss the details of the project scope and agree upon a delivery timeline. Then, we move forward with a contract and a deposit. 


We Strategize & Conceptualize

We'll get started with a brand strategy session where we will become laser-focused on your brand goals, attributes, language, audience and desired impact. 

We take what we learned from our strategy, research and formulate a concept that supports your mission and engages with your audience. We brainstorm through all aspects of brand and design strategy (including typography, colors, composition, and messaging) — and go through an extensive analysis that would work best to create an emotional response to your brand. Then we sketch, sketch, sketch!

We don’t just jump straight into the computer. We believe a design will be more unique and refined when it’s started on paper.


We Design

Once we have our concepts and strategy down, we design with intention. We consider how every element amplifies your brand message and connects with your audience.

We’re known for using color psychology to drive an emotional response—not just for brand recognition. Plus, we select and arrange design elements in a way that represent your brand personality. Our design process is intentional about engaging customers with your unique services or products, while supporting your mission. Our solutions raise brand awareness, strengthen brand loyalty and create brand continuity. 


We Present and Review

We'll set up a day/time and go over our concept with you. If we aren’t able to meet locally, we will present through an online video platform. This allows us to explain our concept and get immediate insight. We take a look at what you think and feel when you see the proofs and discuss any changes, guiding and honing your project on the path to being a stand out. After our presentation, we will provide a PDF document that includes the proof for your review.


We Deliver

When you approve the final deliverables and the remaining balance is paid, all agreed upon files are promptly delivered to you. We don't just leave you hanging, we also share the best practices to maintain the growth of your brand. And we may even do a celebratory dance with you!



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