Run on a Mission Branding


Run on a Mis­sion (ROAM) is a brand that encour­ages schools, adults and the whole com­mu­ni­ty to par­tic­i­pate on vir­tu­al runs that raise funds for a par­tic­u­lar cause. ROAM strives to instill fun, health and com­mu­ni­ty through­out the nation.



Our brand­ing approach incor­po­rat­ed var­i­ous ele­ments to sup­port their mission.

The typog­ra­phy has a sense of move­ment as if it was run­ning. The words “On a Mis­sion” use a dif­fer­ent font so that “RUN” main­tains an empha­sis on the action. The icon cre­at­ed is a sym­bol that incor­po­rates an R along with a styl­ized sym­bol of a per­son run­ning. The shapes in the icon sup­port a fun and action-for­ward feel­ing. This icon has a bal­ance of sim­ple, yet clear­ly defin­ing the under­ly­ing inten­tion of ROAM. The col­or palette infus­es a bal­ance of fun and strength. Instead of using a pure yel­low, we select­ed a yel­low-green (char­treuse). This allowed us to cre­ate a feel­ing of fun (yel­low) in nature (green). And since all the events are  con­duct­ed out­doors, it was a per­fect com­bi­na­tion to the strong and con­fi­dent blue.

CLIENTRun on a Mis­sion (ROAM)
PROJECT COMPONENTS: Brand­mark, busi­ness card, mail­er, sig­nage and brand guidelines