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Build a Brand You Love


If you want a memorable, catchy, authentic brand, it should NEVER look like another. Why? Because you, your brand or product are UNIQUE!

Learn how you can elevate and build a strong brand using strategic design and branding principles—without all the confusing wording. You will leave empowered and with clarity. And above all, you will love your brand. And when you love your brand, your confidence soars because you are proud to put yourself out there.

With over 55 pages, this 5 module e-book course is not like any course out there. Inside each module, you will find interactive elements such as audio that goes in depth about the content and videos.

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A strong brand is crit­i­cal to cre­at­ing rav­ing fans and mak­ing those sales. So WHAT does design strat­e­gy real­ly mean? And WHY does it even mat­ter?

A decade ago, brand­ing was only used as a tool to enhance the exter­nal per­cep­tions of an orga­ni­za­tion. It was tied to the sub­ject of com­mu­ni­ca­tions, fundrais­ing, and mar­ket­ing depart­ments. Today, the role of a brand has become a strate­gic role for any com­pa­ny. No mat­ter the size.


Design strat­e­gy uses what you already know about your brand and cre­ates visu­al con­nec­tions through graph­ic design ele­ments, pho­tog­ra­phy, typog­ra­phy, and col­or. It express­es the beliefs of an orga­ni­za­tion and what you can’t always put into words.

Who you are, what you do and WHY you do it, are the dri­ving force behind a mem­o­rable brand. But if your visu­als do not sup­port your brand mes­sag­ing, your audi­ence will miss out on the valu­able infor­ma­tion you have to show. How­ev­er, nav­i­gat­ing this impor­tant task can be daunt­ing for a small busi­ness. You may not be ready to hire a pro­fes­sion­al design­er or you may not have the bud­get, yet. Either way, you want to make sure you have a sol­id foun­da­tion of strate­gic design & brand­ing and how you want your brand to show up in the world. Not only will this clar­i­ty make you have pride in your brand, it will save you time and mon­ey when you are ready to work with a design­er. You will work smarter, not hard­er.


  • Dis­cov­er what makes YOU or YOUR BRAND unique
  • How to orga­nize & use your brand to influ­ence oth­ers
  • How to devel­op a strat­e­gy and inten­tion behind your visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion
  • How to think about your brand strat­e­gy & show up in the world
  • What mis­takes make brands look cheap and how you can avoid them
  • What to look for in images and how they com­mu­ni­cate in dif­fer­ent indus­tries
  • How col­or helps or harms your brand’s mes­sage
  • How to use typog­ra­phy in a way that makes you look like a pro
  • How to avoid thou­sands of dol­lars in cost­ly mis­takes

This course imple­ments strate­gies I use to devel­op authen­tic brands for my clients! These have sup­port­ed them in build­ing a brand pres­ence that has result­ed in pow­er­ful part­ner­ships and thou­sands of dol­lars in sales.


  • You val­ue design and want your brand to stand out
  • You want to be able to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tive­ly
  • You are ready to take your brand to the next lev­el
  • You want to devel­op con­sis­ten­cy in your brand
  • You love visu­als, videos, and audios
  • You are a small busi­ness own­er, mar­keter, coach, or even a new design­er


  • You expect to see results in one week
  • You don’t want to put in a con­scious effort
  • You expect to become a pro design­er after tak­ing this course
  • You think design has no rela­tion to brand­ing
  • Design is the least of your wor­ries