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You started a business and now you need to design your branding, but you're not a designer. Now what? You don't have to go on this brand building journey alone! If you wanted an expert to guide you through the process of designing your own brand for your business, this workbook is your new design coach. Before you go into even thinking about creating designs, we'll build on your brand mindset and give you brand strategy foundations to set you up for success.

**Your purchase is for a Single User License Agreement** This license provides access to all the downloadable resources included with this workbook and can only be viewed and used by one person. A Single User License does not allow any part of this product/workbook, or its materials, to be shared with another person. If you are interested in purchasing a group license (e.g. for your team) or have questions about this licensing agreement, please email


  • 35 pages in 1 easy download
  • 6 work­sheets with prompts and exer­cis­es to guide you through your brand-build­ing journey
  • An exclu­sive Trel­lo board filled with 35 brand­ing and mar­ket­ing resources, and a work­flow for your brand assets to keep things orga­nized and accessible
  • Fol­low-up guidance 

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