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Learn Adobe Spark Post on LinkedIn Learning



Learn Adobe Spark Post: a Course on LinkedIn Learning

Spark Post—the easy-to-use graph­ic design soft­ware from Adobe—empowers users to cre­ate styl­ish, effec­tive social media posts. Even if you’re a graph­ic design novice, Spark Post can help you quick­ly cre­ate images that allow you to con­nect with—and grow—your brand’s audi­ence. In this course, learn how to get start­ed with Adobe Spark Post. In addi­tion to cov­er­ing the basics—such as how to cre­ate lay­outs and add text— instruc­tor Nicte Cuevas explains how to lever­age this tool in a way that’s inten­tion­al. Learn how to use imagery that res­onates with your tar­get audi­ence and works with your lay­out; how to use your brand’s col­ors in a way that cre­ates an emo­tion­al con­nec­tion; how to cre­ate brand­ed tem­plates that can save you time and mon­ey; and more.

You will learn:

  • Cre­at­ing a new post
  • Adding icons and photography
  • Defin­ing the goals of your design
  • Sav­ing time with brand­ed templates
  • Using col­or to cre­ate emotion
  • Using type and col­or to cap­ture attention
  • Best prac­tices for pair­ing fonts
  • And more…