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These resources can help you build a brand that is authentic and connects with your audience. Learn more about branding, graphic design, color, typography, and how you can apply these in a strategic way. All of these resources are downloadable.


Build a Brand You Love™ Course

Learn the power of building a brand that you love. This interactive downloadable course implements strategies I use to develop authentic brands for client that has resulted in powerful partnerships and thousands of dollars in sales. Learn to build your brand with intention and HOW to apply that into your visual communication.

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Building a Standout Brand Right From the Start

This editable e-book will make you dig deep and strategize towards the direction of your brand. Before you go into even thinking about creating designs, you need a foundation. People buy not because of what you do, but because of WHY you do it. With the exercises in this book, you will be able to focus on your WHY.

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2018 Color Trends Guidebook

This FREE downloadable guide will help you understand why color is essential to brand recognition and how color can have cultural and personal influences. Plus, you'll get access to colorful palettes that explain its emotional triggers influenced by the colors.

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How to Harness the Power of Brand Continuity for Your Small Business (Workbook)

We all want our brand to stand out in this extremely competitive market.Managing your own brand is a tough task to handle — and can certainly be overwhelming. This comprehensive editable workbook will serve as a brand growth tool specifically for small business owners. Brand continuity is about how you manage the visual and verbal communication of your brand across your visual identity, digital presence and marketing continuity.

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