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  • Nicte is hands down one of the most talented graphic designers I have ever worked with. Her ability to jump in on a project for a client she has never worked with before and produce a beautiful and effective designs is not a common trait. I was able to send Nicte my thoughts on the project, the clients brand standards and what I received back surpassed my expectations. Not to mention, our client was so pleased with the work and the campaign is thriving. I look forward to being able to work more with Nicte and would highly recommend her to anyone.
    Allison MercerAllison MercerDigital & Social Media Manager | Appleyard Agency
  • NCD has handled our branding from the very beginning of our business. Not only did Nicte create our logo, but she provided guidance on how to keep our branding consistent throughout many mediums. She paid attention to every detail and managed to create an image that is perfectly reflective of our company. Nicte focuses on the whole brand not just a logo.
    Eddie BosquezEddie BosquezFounder | Run on a Mission
  • I highly recommend Nicte for your business marketing or branding needs. From project start to finish, Nicte is easily the most helpful and intuitive designer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. After one phone call, Nicte clearly understood the design needs of our business. Her attention to detail and her ability to be swift, yet thorough is difficult to find in other designers. An exceptional artist and the perfect balance between professional and personable, Nicte is definitely the creative designer you’ve been looking for.
    Sarah PorterSarah PorterMarketing Programs Associate | Pets Best Insurance
  • I can not recommend more highly Nicte. She is extremely gifted as an artist but equally as gifted in a professional sense. Her work is beautiful and she works well with clients, both internal and external. Her feel for the graphic needs of a project are acutely in tune with that of the organization and knows how to help the artwork meet the mission of our organziation while remaing consistent with the brand. Nicte will be a true asset to any organization.
    David BradyDavid BradyExecutive Vice President Marketing | The Houston Zoo
  • Where do I start? Nicte has been a powerhouse since day one. She was engaged and excited about re-launching our product. First, I was a little worried about her more creative bent on design vs. our more corporate brand. She has skills across the board and breathed life into our corporate brand which it needed. She is a can do service provider and partner. Many times her and I are on the same page and have the same expectations. She is a stickler for timeliness which isn’t something you often get in creative person. She is the perfect combination of business and creative. You won’t regret working with her! She is a blessing to have on our team. You would be lucky to have her on yours.
    Lisa KlinkhammerLisa KlinkhammerChief Marketing Officer | Red Door Group
  • Nicte has a phenomenal skill for figuring out exactly what her clients need. She asked me some questions, guided me through some ideas, and was able to nail down the perfect logo design for my business. Regardless of how many clients she has, she makes you feel like you are the only one.
    Lindsay BosquezLindsay BosquezAttorney at Law | Bosquez Law, P.A.
  • Nicte was lifesaver for me and for my business! I had hired another designer to help with the branding for a vision I had for many years, and after many missed deadlines, no communication, and lack of attention to detail, I decided to end the project even though it was incomplete. I was devastated and I reached out to Nicte for help. Nicte not only listened to all of my needs but she stepped in to take what we had and turn it into something better than I imagined. She is professional, meets deadlines, communicates effectively, and very accommodating to your needs. It was scary to take my vision and hand it over to somebody, especially after having a bad experience. But Nicte showed me what it is like to work with an amazing designers who gets you, your vision, and can make it come to life visually!
    Natalia CrawfordNatalia CrawfordCEO | She Leads Daily
  • I was introduced to Nicte by Sue B Zimmerman after doing an audit of my Instagram content. Our business and our online audience was growing and we were struggling to wrap our head around the right visual aspects for our brand. After an incredible consultation with Nicte, we were able to develop a posting strategy that complimented our brand and that offered a unique and positive reflection of who we are. I followed up our consultation by reading Nicte’s ebook “Building a Standout Brand” and was so impressed by the value of the content that we printed it, had it bound and keep it on my desk as a resource and constant reminder to make sure everything we create is in line with the brand we’re building. Nicte not only has a genuine creative gift, but a deep understanding of all the components of brand building. I would highly recommend her to any business looking to create and develop their brand.
    Bobbi BaehneBobbi BaehnePresident | Think BIG Go Local
  • There are designers, and there’s Nicte Cuevas. Everything Nicte touches breathes authenticity, originality, and inspiration. I worked with Nicte while at the Houston Zoo, and she quickly became one of my favorite graphic artists. Her cultural diversity brings a vision that represents a current view of our nation’s ethnic populous. Her integrity, expertise, and faith in the creative process make her a formidable member of any team that needs to win. She quickly earned my trust and loyalty, and is still my favorite go-to artist to date.
    Maya FordMaya FordPrincipal | Ford Momentum
  • We have been working with Nicte for about 3 years now. She provides us with creative designs used for our advertising purposes. Nicte is very reliable, consistent and trustworthy. She has a deep, detailed knowledge of graphic design and creative. She communicates well with our team and is always available, even for rush requests. She provides excellent, creative work. We are happy to have Nicte apart of our graphic design freelance development team.
    Shay CreechShay CreechMarketing Manager | Service Corporation International
  • Nicte is one of the most artistic, and self-motivated people I’ve “met” (in the virtual world). As the owner of the non-profit Dogs on Deployment, we were looking for help with our branding and marketing materials. Nicte approached our organization. After talking with her about my vision for my organization, she came up with some ideas that were exactly what I had envisioned, but couldn’t put onto paper myself. After several months now of her guidance and talent, Dogs on Deployment has developed an amazing brand. Its functional, fun, flexible, and allows us growth while still maintaining our core look and feel. Every time she sends me a design idea, I’m thrilled with the outcome. She has a very creative outlook, and with little input from me, she has come up with something that I am proud to share. Thank you Nicte for being a wonderful person at heart, a talented artist and a crucial member of the Dogs on Deployment team.
    Alisa JohnsonAlisa JohnsonCo-Founder | President Dogs on Deployment
  • Nicte and I were introduced through a friend of a friend. After attempting to work with five other artists she was a breath of fresh air. From the very beginning when she sent her questionnaire and mentioned contracts and deadlines, I was impressed with her professionalism. Then, when I saw her first draft for my book cover, I was convinced she was an artist. I could see that all the time she took to understand my vision had paid off (think goose bumps and tears of joy). After working with Nicte, I’ve also gotten to know her and have learned that not only is she an amazing, professional artist, she is a good person and a joy to work with! I’m really looking forward to working with her on my next project.
    Jan M. NastJan M. NastAuthor: You Can’t Love Your Children Too Much, Shifting to the Business of Life
  • The best word to describe Nicte is imaginative, with little information given to her, she can create the perfect piece, better than you would even expect. She is incredibly passionate about what she does and it shows in her work. I would recommend her to anyone.
    Nicole BuschNicole BuschMarketing Manager | Service Corporation International
  • I have been using Nicte for her excellent creative design skills for a couple of years. She always provides great work, turns requests around quickly, and offers attractive, creative designs. Nicte is a great partner and truly talented designer. I would recommend her work to anyone.
    Megan PinoMegan PinoMarketing Manager, Field Marketing | Service Corporation International
  • Working with Nicte has help me to get some creative direction for my upcoming ebook. She helped me to use color to break up my content that will benefit my readers. She puts thing in perspective which gives me more confidence in putting my work out to the public. I truly enjoy working with her.
    Jodi PaveyJodi PaveyJodi Pavey Designs
  • I’ve been a fan of Nicte’s work for a while now. I recognize her work right away when it’s in my social media feed. Always high-quality designs that are very engaging. Makes you stop and look. Her attention to detail is off the charts. I’m not only a fan but a customer as well.
    Mike MisiukMike MisiukCEO | Clear Business Group