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Hola Spark community! If we haven't met yet, I'm Nicte and it's wonderful to have you here. I've been teaching all about Adobe Spark's powerful branding capabilities since 2016, and I'm incredibly excited to be an official Adobe Spark Ambassador*.  

Over the years I have partnered with the Adobe Spark team to develop blog content, remixable templates and IGTV tutorials. I also have an in-depth course on LinkedIn Learning called Learning Adobe Spark Post. Since I have so many resources, I wanted to spare you searching the end of the internet to find them — that's why we dedicated a page with all these resources in one place. 

As a Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer, I use empathy-driven tactics to help evolve, invigorate, and amplify businesses’ unique brand positions. I'm passionate about translating the complexities of color into nuanced, purpose-driven stories using color psychology and intentional messaging tools.

In nearly two decades, I've worked on large rebrands, brand design, and brand management projects across the U.S. and around the world, in English and Spanish. Some notable brands include Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark with Twitter Business, LinkedIn, Dogs on Deployment (and a Purina partnership), the Houston Zoo, and Harris County in Houston Texas .

Learning Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark makes it easy for you and your team to promote your brand or business with stunning graphics, videos and animation. Start quickly from thousands of beautiful templates. Create on mobile and desktop and resize for any social platform in just one tap. Make all your and your team's content look and feel consistent with Spark's award-winning, powerful branding capabilities. 

You can access all these amazing apps for free. And if you want to level up your brand consistency in your templates, you will love using Adobe Spark Premium (if you already have Adobe Creative Cloud this is included in your membership). 

Adobe Spark Branded Templates

If you haven't experienced the power behind Adobe Spark's brand manager, here are some previews of what you can achieve. These graphics are part of large branding projects for some of my clients who are small business owners, marketers, social media managers, and personal brands.

I leverage Adobe Spark's branding tools to help my clients maintain brand consistency with custom templates designed inside Adobe Spark's brand manager. But the most valuable part of this process for them is that they get to feel empowered to manage their brand assets on their own — saving them additional production costs. 

Elevate it Now

Branded template design on Adobe Spark brand manager

Brianna Hodges

Branded template design on Adobe Spark brand manager

Adobe Spark Brianna Hodges branding set up by Nicte Creative Design

Tu Eco

Branded template design on Adobe Spark brand manager

Adobe Spark Tu Eco branding by Nicte Creative Design

Watch The Popular YouTube Tutorials

Follow along in my YouTube tutorials and learn how to leverage the Adobe Spark family apps to create a captivating and memorable brand. I break down the content into easy to understand steps that help you infuse brand strategy, color psychology, design structure, and typography to help you increase brand awareness, generate sales and connect with your audience. 

Watch The Learning Adobe Spark Post Course on LinkedIn Learning

Want to get an in-depth experience on getting started with Adobe Spark Post all the way up to more advanced uses? In addition to covering the basics—such as how to create layouts and add text — I share how to leverage this tool in an intentional way. Learn how to use imagery that resonates with your target audience and works with your layout; how to use your brand's colors in a way that creates an emotional connection; how to create branded templates that can save you time and money; and more. Plus, you get a certificate of completion that you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile.

Watch The Popular IGTV Tutorials

I've created over 100 tutorials for Adobe Spark's IGTV's channel on Instagram. We cover from the basic how-to's to more advanced creative usage for Post, Video and Page. So grab some popcorn and start binge watching. 

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This is absolutely awesome! Love the way you provide learning tools for people to build their brand with. 

@FactionsBattlegrounds on Instagram 


This was great! I'm a writer and not much of a designer, but this breakdown gives me some confidence to save time and money by tackling this by myself. Thanks. 

@TheInneffectiveCreative on Instagram


Love this, thank you so much for sharing this!! I just followed for more action. 

@LoveMimosaj on Instagram


Very cool! I had no idea there was a level depth control in the app. Will need to explore this further. Thank you so much for sparking ideas in my brain!

@PaulStorm on Instagram 


This is excellent! Thank you for all of the helpful information!

@Thek8zilla on Instagram


Thank you for the tutorial. I found the part about using the eye dropper tool and hide a massive chunk of hashtags particularly helpful. Thanks again!

@NoemiGmalakun on Instagram

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Grab Your Free Remixable Templates

Over the years of using Adobe Spark, I have designed hundreds of remixable templates for small business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself. I'm sharing a big handful below, just click on the button to start remixing the template and make it your own. Don't forget to watch my tutorials or LinkedIn course to get you started.

Nicte Cuevas in her office
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Nicte Cuevas (Principal, Nicte Creative Design) is an award-winning brand strategist and graphic designer who uses empathy-driven tactics to help evolve, invigorate, and amplify businesses’ unique brand positions. Nicte translates the complexities of color into nuanced, purpose-driven stories using color psychology and intentional messaging tools, ultimately facilitating positive and profitable outcomes. Her work has earned her features in Graphic Design USA People to Watch in both 2015 and 2020. Nicte graduated from the University of Houston with a B.F.A. in Graphic Communications. 

*As an Adobe Spark Brand Ambassador I receive compensation for affiliate links you see on this page.  

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